Kimi & Machiko walk into a bar.

Kimi: Wow, feels great to step into to the infamous Rakin' Roost!

Machiko: Omg yeahhh!! This bar's the best in town!

They walk up to the bartender

Bartender: What would ya fancy?

Kimi: all sounds so good!! Machi~?

Machiko: Ehh i'm fine with whatever.

Kimi: Okay gal, can we have a hard beer please?

Bartender: Certainly *leaves*

Kimi & Machiko wait for their drink.

Kimi: Hmmm it seems to be taking a while! Lemme just go use the bathroom real quick, i'll be back in a tick!

Machiko: Sure.

Kimi leaves to go in the bathroom.

Machiko shifts her attention to a muscle-cladded woman coated in a leather jacket, sitting down taking a swig of her beer bottle and then slamming it down onto the table below.

The woman then notices Machiko and turns to her.

Machiko: Ehhhhhhhehhehh.......

The woman stares at Machiko with a deathly gaze.

Woman: *instantly turns into a friendly gaze* Hey! I'm Rita! You are...?

Machiko: Ehh.....Machiko.....

Rita: Nice!

Machiko lets out a smile.

Bartender: *arrives back* Your drink, miss.

Machiko: Sweet.

Rita: Aye good choice!

Machiko: Ahh yeah thanks I guess haha. It wasn't me tho it-

Kimi arrives back from the bathroom.

Kimi: Hmmhmmhmmhmm~ Hey...what the heck?!

Kimi notices the two beer bottles with Machiko and Rita drinking.

Kimi: That woman darn stole my beer bottle! *walks up*

Kimi: I'll show that good-for-nothing thug...

Kimi taps on Rita's shoulder.

Rita: Oye, what?

Kimi: You get your kicks stealing other people's stuff, huh?

Machiko: Oh no no-

Rita: What are you talking about?

Kimi: That's MY beer bottle.

Machiko: Really it's not like that-

Rita: Excuse me? run along you fool...

Kimi: I'm not putting up with this! You give me my beer bottle!

Machiko: *sigh*

Rita: *just continues to stare ahead, drinking it unpertubed*

Kimi: That's it, I've had it! *proceeds to give Rita a hard kick to the rib*

Rita: *Feels a light poke*

Machiko: Uh-ohhh...

Rita then gets off her bar stool and turns to Kimi.

Rita: *sends a right hook to Kimi's face*

Kimi: *turns limp and collapses onto the floor, unconscious*

Rita then turns back onto her stool and continues drinking.

Machiko: Ohh Kimi...*lifts Kimi's arm up*

Rita: What? You know that girl?

Machiko: Yeah, just a friend. *slapping Kimi a few times*

Rita: Oh hey I am so sorry! I didn't know she was your....

Machiko: Ahh don't worry about it :)

Rita & Machiko continue to finish the rest of their drinks together, chatting away as they do so.

Machiko: Hey it's been a great time talking to you Rita! I guess I must depart now.

Rita: Fair enough, aye what you gonna do about uhh...*points to the out cold Kimi*

Machiko: Dunno dunno...

Rita: You know what? I'll carry her to where she needs to go.

Machiko: Aww you don't have to do that! That's so sweet, thank you!

Rita & Machiko arrive inside a house.

Machiko: Yeah just lay her out on that couch that'll be fine.

Rita: *carrying an unconscious Kimi by the shoulder, drops her onto the couch*

Rita: Wow, rockin' place.

Machiko: Thanks! Yeah it's my own :)

Rita: Haha that's so awesome!

Machiko & Rita hi-5.

Rita: Well I guess I better get going...

Kimi: Owwww.....*begins to moan and stir awake*

Machiko: Ahh, wakey-wakey Kimi!

Kimi: *grasps her head* Aghhhh, why do I have a splitting headache?

Rita: Oh yeah I basically knocked you out. Sorry.

Kimi: YOU! *stands up to go to Rita* You got nerve coming in here after your ugly tirade at the bar?

Machiko: No it wasn't like that! Jeez Kimi!

Rita: Relax kid, you're lucky Machiko here told me the story. Now i'm outta here.

Kimi: Yeah that's right you better get out! and Machiko? How could you be so stupid to let her in?!

Rita: *shifts around*

Machiko: Hey i'm sorry...

Kimi: You fool! I can't believe you would go and betray me like that you egg, what's wrong with you!?

Machiko: But-

Rita: *marches torwards Kimi*

Kimi: No, you're an idiot and you should just-

Rita *taps Kimi on the shoulder*

Kimi: *turns around*

Rita: *gives Kimi a clear-cut cross hook to her face, knocking Kimi out senseless once more*

Kimi: *is sent crashing into the ground, and lays there sprawled*

Rita: Ahh....i'm sorry Machiko! I didn't mean to...

Machiko: No, thank's fine :)

Rita: I'll get going now! really nice to meet you!

Machiko: Yeah it was really great to meet you aswell! We'll hang some other time! :)

Rita: Looking forward to it! *leaves*

Machiko: Ahh... :)